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Best Oculoplastic Surgeon for Revisional Surgery in Dallas Area Preferably, but Will Travel Anywhere. (photo)

My 16 y/o son had a frontalis sling w/silicon rods on bil eyes. He had same oper w/fascia when he was 2 y/o by same Dr. After this surgery his right eye didn't open at all d/t silicon rod breaking. 2 wks later Dr reoperated on both eyes. Now right eye will open when he raises his brow and part of left upperlid gone along w/eyelashes. He has little to no protective mechanism in left eye. Looking for surgeon for revisional surgery. He is worse now than before we had surgery.

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I just wanted to let you know that we are a great resource when it comes to choosing a surgeon for a certain procedure. I have provided a link below that will take you to the Eyelid Surgery Doctors page; please take a minute to browse and read the stories that other community members have written.

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Best oculoplastic surgeon


  There are many fine oculoplastic surgeons. II would suggest you consult the directory at for a list.  Chances are your original surgeon is very competent and will be anxious to help too.

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