How to Obtain a Parallel Crease Without Epicanthoplasty if a Tapered Crease Exists?

I'm Asian with tapered double eyelids. I want to raise the crease and make the it parallel. However, I'm wary of epicanthoplasty as the change can be dramatic and have heard of people regretting the procedure. I've seen Asian eyelids where the parallel crease is on top of the epi fold like how I've drawn in the attached pic of me. But how would I get this done and reconcile the tapered fold? Do they somehow stitch the inner eyelid with the epicanthic fold to make it "one inner piece"? Thanks.

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What you are asking for requires and epicanthoplasty.


What you are asking is can my inside fold be made an outside fold without an epicanthoplasty.  The answer is no.  The risk with the epicanthoplasty is that the surgery needed to make this change can leave a visible and unsightly scar for some.  Generally, it is not a risk that I recommend.  There are circumstances where the risk is reasonable.  A good example in for someone who has one inside fold and one outside fold.  Otherwise, I think your concerns are entirely appropriate.

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