Numbness on my Right Breast After 3 Months?

I had breast augmentation over 3 months ago and my right nipple as well as the lower part of my breast are still numb. It is normal? My left breast has all sensation. What is going on? Even when I shower and wash over my right breast it hurts, how? if its numb?

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Numbness 3 months after Augmentation


Although the risk of permanent sensation loss is very low, it is possible to see temporary sensation changes that take 6-12 months to return.   I typically warn patients that the larger the implant that is placed, the higher the risk of sensation changes.     This is because the sensory nerve to the nipple and areola will be stretched by the implant.    The good news is that most cases stretch injury to the nerve results are temporary.
I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

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Numbness 3 Months after Breast Augmentation


   Numbness 3 months after breast augmentation does tend to improve over the course of a year and perhaps even 2 years.  For most patients, this is temporary, but there exists a small percentage of patients who may have permanent numbness.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

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Numbness after breast augmentation


Sometimes numbness occurs after breast augmentation.  Usually this is due to swelling and gets better as the swelling dissipates.

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Numbness afetr breast augmentation


Partial sensation loss is seen occasionally after breast surgery. This is due to sensory nerve injury that normally occurs during surgery. It takes time for nerve injury to heal. You can expect nerves to improve for up toma year after surgery. The discomfort you feel in the shower is also from the nerve which has become hypersensitive. That is good news, meaning the sensation is more likely to return early.

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Nerves take months to regenerate; you need to give your body time to heal. What you can do to help is gently message the breast with lotion to help break down scar tissue and help regenerate the nerves.


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