Numbness on Bottom Lip After Chin Surgery?

Its been 2 weeks since my surgery and the middle of my bottom lip still feels numb. Is that normal? Will it go away?

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Temporary numbness after chin implant can occur


Having numbness after chin implant placement is not uncommon and generally lasts only a few weeks. It's usually due to swelling and/or stretching of the nerve during implant placement. 2 weeks after surgery is still pretty early but I would expect for you to start having some improvement to the numbness slowly by about a month or so after your procedure. Though uncommon, it may take several months for the sensation to fully return.

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Lip numbness


After surgical placement of a chin implant there is obligatory bruising and swelling. Each patient responds differently regarding the amount of swelling. This can cause some tempoary numbness while this is resolving. If the numbness persists beyond four weeks post op bring it to the attention of your surgeon.

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Lip numbness after chin surgery



Skin and tissues are bruised and stretched during any form of chin surgery, implants, or augmentation. 2 weeks is still very early after facial surgery. Numbness continues to improve with time. Fortunately, most of the numbness resolves within a month, but occasionally may take several months to go away.

Speak with your surgeon about your concerns.

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