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I Am Noticing my Lower Body Smartlipo Results Have Lessened?

I stopped wearing the compression garment at night at about 3 weeks post-op, and have worn it everyday without fail and am now at 6 weeks. I am 5'6" tall and weigh about 117 lbs., have not been overeating and have continued to exercise. My surgeon said he got about 5 lb. of fat. Unfortunately I don't have my pictures. Mainly I'm wondering whether stopping the garment at night might have hurt the results will it help if I return to wearing the garment at night. Thanks.

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Garments post-liposuction


wearing garments after liposuction helps with recovery. if you can wear them for a few hrs during the day time its better. it will not make a huge difference to wear them at night as well if youre wearing them during the day time

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Garment after Liposuction


If you have worn your garment for six weeks, you should be in good shape.  Some patient wear the garment for longer but more as a comfort issue and not to enhance results.  At 6 weeks it is still possible that you have swelling and you should continue to see positive results over the next few months.


Good Luck.

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