Why Is My Hair Thining on Right Side of my Head After Mid Face Lift?

I am upset with significant hair loss on my right side of head. Left side is fine. I have read that it could be interruption of blood flow, brain tumor, blood clot, autoimmune problems. I went to a dermatologist, but no help given and just told to wait a several more months. I am scheduled to have labs done on Monday to test my thyroid and hormone levels. I do have low testosterone , but can not take it bec it causes migraine HA and acne. I am 57 yrs old & menopausal. Please Help.

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Hair loss after facelift

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Hair loss after a facelift is of two types: permanent and temporary. The temporary type is due to telogen effluvium (hair shedding) and minor amounts of temporary injury. Improvement is seen by 6 months

The permanent types are more complicated and include non scarring and rare scarring types. 

Patients who do not regrow hair again by 6 months should see a dermatologist to exclude rare scarring types. Hair transplantation is often a great option to restore hair density after a facelift. 

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

If you have a temporal lift or coronal lift. It might be related with hair loss, which should be temporary

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If you have a temporal lift or coronal lift. It might be related with hair loss, which should be temporary. When the face lift was done?
There could be a temporary damage to hair follicles due to surgical trauma.
If is a temporary problem, hair should grove back in few months time. You could faster hair growth with propecia

Alberto Di Giuseppe, MBBS
London Plastic Surgeon
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