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I Had Nose Surgery 2 Weeks Ago and my Nose Holes Look Small is It Normal? (photo)

I had nose surgery 2 weeks ago and my nose looks point and it feels hard. My nose holes also look small. My doctor Said it's because it's swollen and that my nose holes will get bigger and the pointy part of my nose will go down. Is that true or is he lying.

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Small nostrils after surgery

At two weeks, most people are significantly swollen from nasal surgery.  The swelling alone can make the nostrils look small.  Depending on what was done in that are other things can change the shape of the nostril.  The best thing is to get an explanation of this from your surgeon and be sure they follow things until the swelling is down.

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I Had Nose Surgery 2 Weeks Ago and my Nose Holes Look Small is It Normal?

     If you had alar base reduction, the nostrils will be smaller.  The tip is likely swollen, and the swelling should improve with time.




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