Options For Nose That is Still Too Wide/fat After a Year? (photo)

Just after rhinoplasty my nose is fat, of course... But a couple things were done that will still make it wider permanently... This bridge was flattened... and, the tip was deprojected If it's still too wide after a year, might I do alar base reduction? Also, is it possible to give the bridge less of a 'flat' look without having the long recovery/swelling of a full rhinoplasty? I'd like to do whatever to make it more narrow without the long recovery. I can't handle a long recovery again.

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Nose to wide

You have a great result which will only keep getting better over the course of the year. Be patient and not so analytic. That's how people get what they say they don't want-the "operated look".

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Options for Nose after 1 Year

At this time you have an good result. If you're ultimately dissatisfied revisions can be made. However nobody has a crystal ball; enjoy your improvement rather than try to speculate about  the ultimate result and possible surgical alternatives. 

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Your result looks very nice, it will get a bit narrower as the swelling subsides.  Remember if spreader grafts were put in, it may make the middle third a bit wider than it was before.

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Swelling After Surgery

There are dozens of possible outcomes and treatments based on your result. You are still early in recovery and you need to be patient at a minimum you should wait  6 months.

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