Warned Against Rhinoplasty Revision, but Can I Get Injectable Fillers?

I had a nose job years ago..I was awake because he did not need to do the brige..He pulled out some bone so my nose would not point out when I smiled and cut some cartlige under my nose.So their is more space..I still dont like my photos..I have nice eyes and my nose does not match. A wondeful dr told me if he touched it would collapse like Michael jackson..Will injectable fill work on the tip..Do you think some one good can cut my tip off a tiny bit and use the filler? my nose is pointy too and when I smile it goes down a little..Will injections work on me?

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Fillers can work on top but cannot improve tip droop with smile

Briella of Marin,

Hello. You need to have further consultation. From your description of the original surgery, it does not sound like your nose is in danger of collapse. Such collapse is more likely if you had major internal surgery, to correct a breathing problem.

Fillers may well be the way to go for the tip; that can best be determined by a demo test.

The tip droops because a certain muscle which runs from the base of the nose to the lip needs to be released. Cannot be accomplished without surgery.

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You can get injectable fillers in the nose.

You can get injectable fillers in the nose if you have been warned against surgery.  It's important to go to a specialist that has skill in injecting filler in off-label areas.

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