Nose is Gelatinous at 3 Months Post-op Due to Complications (no Infection, Implant Intact); Will Taping Help?

It Hurts to Do Now. Sorry to say I had complications after rev rhino & am as swollen now as in wk 2 post-op,after seeing intended result in wk 5-6.All the shapelessness & roundness came back. In the first 6 wks, before scar tissue was lain down, light taping seemed to really help.It's still gelatinous/tender at 3 months b/c I massaged a blood vessel by accident 5 day ago.(Surgeon confirmed implant intact.)Nose throbs/I feel pressure when I tape nose, even when it eventually contracts. Is it harmful at this point?

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Taping could still help.

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Hello irsi,

Taping could still help since it appears that you are talking about your nasal tip.  Also the use of NSAID's like Ibuprofen or Aleve could help.  Also, a short course of oral steroids might help out.  I have my patients also increase their protein intake, cut out excessive alcohol, and reduce the salt in their diet.  It their noses really swell after exercise I will often recommend icing and then taping at bedtime to help.  You should ask your surgeon about their opinion of management of this concern at 3 months postop.  Remember that revision rhinoplasty patients take much longer than normal to heal.

Good luck.

Dr. Shah

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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