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Nose Feels Too Short and Looks Like Lip is Being Pulled Upward Only 10 Days Post Rhinoplasty?

My nose was definitely shortened. I'm hard to having a longer nose, but now I feel that it's pulling my top lip upward making it look stiff and awkward. It's only been 10 days since surgery. Is this normal? I hope that my lip does not stay upturned like this!

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Shortly After Rhinoplasty..

It is a normal process after the surgery. Changes and stiffness are part of the post-operative process, that are indicative to healing.  Give this area time to heal.


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Upward nose after rhino?

Pictures would be great to see but what you describe sounds normal at this point in the wound healing process. It will take up to one year for all of your swelling and stiffness to resolve. Most of it will in the first 6 months but really it takes a year for scars to mature. You are so early in this process, and I would advise you to just be patient and ride this out for many months. Things will improve a great deal, scars will soften and the pulling on your lip will probably resolve.

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Short Nose

Change and stiffness is part of the post-operative issues that are indicative of healing.  Be patient and keep your follow-ups.

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Nose feels too short after rhinoplasty

The tip of the nose is often very stiff after rhinoplasty and the upper lip might feel inflexible as well. At ten days these feeling are normal.

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Upward nose after rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon to experience the feeling of tightness, or for the nose to be turned upward after surgery. Most of this has to do with the swelling related to the surgery. It may take weeks to months until the swelling has decreased enough that the "pulling" feeling that you are experiencing disappears. The tilting of the nose should improve as well.

Make sure you have close follow ups with your surgeon.


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