Used Q-Tips Post Rhinoplasty And Nose is Constantly Worsening- Do I Need A Revision?

i had a rhinoplasty a year ago and it was perfect but the result has been constantly worsening or scar tissue accumulating and losing its original bony shape...i never touched it but i used q-tips for a prolonged period and i once hit the sidewall mildly hard with a cottonless q-tips stick ( i had forgot i removed the cotton and so it was plastic) when i was 8 months postop. now that side of my nose is lumpier and the nostril is little bigger, will this heal with time or do i need a tip revision

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Need for Rhinoplasty Revision

You have been patient, waiting a year to evaluate your rhinoplasty result. in the future, the changes in your nose will be subtle. I doubt you did anything to compromise your result. Discuss a possible revision with your surgeon or get a second opinion.

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Likely won't get better. Should get evaluated by a revision rhinoplasty expert

Unfortunately it is likely your nose won't get better. Should get evaluated by a revision rhinoplasty expert

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