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My Nose is Getting Bigger 3 Months Post Rhinoplasty

3 months before, i had a rhinoplasty surgery and i got a smaller nose, but now, my nose (cartilage) is growing very fast, and after 3 months from my surgery the growing is obvious.

I'm male, 24 years old. Why my nose is growing fast after surgery?

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Nose bigger after Rhinoplasty

  It's not.  I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and I can tell you for sure that the cartilage, of your nose, is not growing at or slow...after your Rhinoplasty.  If however, the tip support was dramatically weakened, during your Rhinoplasty, the nasal tip can be rotating downward giving the illusions of the nose lengthening.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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My Nose is Getting Bigger 3 Months Post Rhinoplasty

One of the reason the nose will look bigger post op. is scar formation under skin specifically in patient with very thick and sebaceous skin. Cartilagenous movement as result of scar contracture may also contribute to this. A picture will help us avoid guessing and give you a better opinion. 

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Huntington Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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