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Nose Getting Bigger After Inserting Q Tips Inside

Hi Doctors! I did my rhinoplasty on the 19 of april, it went smoothly, normal bruising and swelling as expected, then after a week it began to appear nicely, my problem is that now my nose, almost on the 3rd week is getting bigger, which i believe it happened after i inserted the q tips to extract some mucus and coagolated blood that i cound't endure more.

does it affect the nose job if i insert sumting inside my nose? now is getting uglier day by day.need some advice! regards

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No Q tips inside the nose after Rhinoplasty


I must say, using Q tips to remove debris, from the inside of your nose, so soon after Rhinoplasty is definitely a huge NO, NO!  I instruct all my Rhinoplasty patients to use saline nasal spray for several months.  You should come clean and tell the surgeon what you have done, so he/she can examine the inside of your nose and advise you what may have been injured, if anything, from that maneuver.

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Enlarging nose after rhinoplasty from trauma


Anything is possible and you could have disrupted some of the sutures from your rhinoplasty procedure making it appear longer. I would discuss this with your rhinoplasty surgeon and let them look at your nose to see what is going on at this point.

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