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4 Months Post TT. Swollen and Tender?

4 mos ago tt. Still very swollen bottom abdomen n tender. At 4 weeks had seroma. At 2 mos told no longer need garment and binder seroma gone. Had swelling still said normal especially with Seroma history just be patient. Now more swollen n have pain now and back to wearing garment using ice. Told no Seroma just normal with Seroma history and need Venus ultrasound?? Started back smoking at 2 months and told need quit again cuz delaying healing. Smoking can't be adding more swelling n pain can it?

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4 Months Post TT. Swollen and Tender?

Photos, preferably from before and after surgery would help us answer your questions better. 

Most swelling is gone, on average, by 3 months, the rest usually by 6-12 months. Smoking will decrease blood flow to the abdominal skin and fat, and can indeed delay healing and resolution of swelling. If there is suspicion of a seroma, and ultrasound can be useful in making the diagnosis. But so can an attempt at aspiration in the office. Hard to say much more without pictures. 

All the best. 

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