Is This Normal? 2 Weeks Post BA and Breasts are Very Uneven? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post BA and over time the left breast has got smaller until now they look very different - the right one is heavier on the side than underneath. My surgeon really pressed for me to have teardrop breast implants 360CC but I have sobbed and sobbed over how odd I look now. My boobs before were equal which is where I struggle to accept why they look like this. I am seeing my surgeon on Monday but can you please tell me this isnt normal right !! like my concerns are valid??

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Post-op Asymmetry

Two weeks after surgery is very early to pass judgement but your left breast does look smaller. If you were fairly symmetric before surger and the same size implants were used, the asymmetry may be a result of more swelling on the right but it is more likely that you have a fluid collection, either blood or a seroma. An ultrasound would sort it out. Some of the difference may be that the right breast implant is sitting higher on your chest wall and will come down, but I think it is more than that. You need to get this checked out by your plastic surgeon.


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Is This Normal? 2 Weeks Post BA and Breasts are Very Uneven?

The photo does demonstrate the asymmetry with the left being smaller. I wonder if you were truly even before. Post a before photo so we can tell. Either way you need a revision but the timing is the real question. Best to discuss with your chosen surgeon. 

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