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Is It Normal to Have 2 Different Shapes and Size 3 Weeks After Lift and Replacement? (photo)

I have had 2 children & a BA that turned out saggy & came out from behind the muscle. 3 weeks ago I had extensive lift & implant removal& replace. went from a DD to B ish. 3 wks post op & right looks perky & bigger than left. (Perfect to me) but left is smaller and sits more saggy like. When I bend over left implant flips and deforms a bit. I can also feel this implant more. They are cohesive gel. I know patience is key, but what's the chance they will even out and not sag and ripple?

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Implants and lift revision


There will always be some asymmetry between any two breasts. AS for the shape when you lean forward, this may be the result of not having enough soft tissue coverage over the implant.  Hard to say for sure without an exam.

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