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Lumpiness/tightness Under Chin Appeared on the 9th Day and is Getting Worse?

Had submental lipo 11 days ago. The first week recovery was going really well and there was minimal swelling under my chin, however, 2 days ago, it became more swollen and now, when I touch it, I feel some bumps. It also hurts more when I try to massage it. Is this abnormal? I want to continue to wear my neckstrap but the consultant took it away from me and said the doctor doesn't want me to wear it anymore. Is there anything I can do to help the situation?

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Wearing a wrap after the neck lift can be very beneficial


Wearing a wrap after the neck lift can be very beneficial. Lumps and bumps are usually par for the course and sometimes unavoidable. They could be areas where there was a previous blood or fluid collection, a suture, retained fat deposit, etc.  I suggest to my patients wearing the wrap non stop for 7 days, and then at night for a total of 2 months.  Where there are areas of swelling, lumps and bumps I suggest them placing some extra gauze there under the wrap for more pressure. This often can resolve some extra swelling.  If this continues there are other measures that can be taken to help the situation, ie steroid injections, more liposuction, removal of the suture, etc.

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Chin Liposuction


We have people wait 6 weeks for sports, and a mild entry to sports at that time.  The lump needs to be evaluated by your surgeon.  It could be swelling, unlikely bleeding, or a clumping of tissue. 

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Post Operative Care After Neck Liposuction Is Very Important To Patients


A little lumpiness is not unusual and that will go but you need to see you surgeon to assure you do not have an infection.   Massage can help.  I do not understand why the headband was taken away.  I always give my patient two  bands and tell them to wear as much as convenient for a month or so because it helps decrease swelling and lumpiness quicker. aAtiny injection of very dilute steroid (Kenalog etc etc) is useful to speed along the lumpies.  At times a series of tiny injections is useful.  Get a facial massage for an hour and have the person work out the it lymphatic massage et etc.    It taks about 2 to 3 months to be able to look at the moon and not feel a tightness in your necx so this is to be expected.  This is all resolvable and is part of the fee and deal you have with your surgeon.   The post op care is just as important as the surgery.  Do not get discourgaged.  I hope you do very well.  My Best ,  Drt Commons

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Neck liposuction - bumps


I would recommend you seeing your surgeon.  If you noticed a significant increase in swelling in your neck, you could have some bleeding.  I'm sure he or she would be happy to check and make sure everything is healing well.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

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Lumpiness /tightness of Neck 9 days after Chin Liposuction needs to be evaluated by your doctor


If new swelling or lumps occur a week to 10 days after Chin or Neck Liposuction you may have developed bleeding (Hematoma) or fluid collection (Seroma) or other problem such as infection.

These can be treated but the doctor, not consultant or nurse, needs to examine you.

If there is blood or fluid under the skin it may need to be removed by needle aspiration.

If there is no fluid collection and the lumps are just healing debris from the procedure, then massage and the Chin Strap will help, but this must be decided by your doctor.

If your doctor will not address this to your satisfaction seek a second opinion

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Lumpiness under chin following liposuction may be a problem.


This can be normal swelling, particularly now that you are not wearing an elastic chinstrap, or it could be a collection of fluid, blood, or even early scar tissue. Too-early activity can actually increase fluid, minor bleeding, or scar formation, so this needs to be kept in mind also. I ask my patients to wear their chinstrap day and night for the first week, then at night only for the second week. After three weeks (assuming there are no fluid or blood collections), I start massage therapy to help soften swelling and firmness. If there is still firmness or irregularity after 2 months, I consider steroid injection to reduce and soften any scar tissue firmness or lumpiness.

Incidentally, I have found the best way to avoid the natural tendency for lumpiness after liposuction in this area is to perform direct fat excision (via a slightly larger but still  nearly imperceptible incision) and accurately control any bleeding points under direct vision. This avoids the irregular bleeding/bruising (however minimal) that occurs when liposuction is done, whether it is regular, ultrasonic, or laser-assisted (Smart-Lipo). I have found this yields not only the most thorough fat removal, but the smoothest and most uniform results possible!

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Lumps following lipo



This early it could just be edema and inflammation.

Time will tell.  At 6-8 weeks all edema and inflammation should subside.  If you still have the lumps you may need a touch up procedure. When you are 3 -4 weeks out, mild massage can help

Dr. Malouf

Dallas Dermatologist
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