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Is This a Normal Incision? Is It Infected? There is No Pain. (photo)

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The pics aren't great. You should see your PS as soon as possible. The incisions don't look good.


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Is this a normal incision

It's hard to say from the photo but it doesn't appear that you have an infection, but hard to say. I agree with the others that you should see your surgeon for an accurate diagnosis. ac

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Is This a Normal Incision? Is It Infected? There is No Pain.

Appears as superficial skin edge wound issues. this needs to be addressed with your surgeon very quickly.//

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Thank you for your picture. An exam is the best way to determine if it is infected but by the picture is does not appear infected to me. There appears to be some less than desirable healing. You should revisit this with your surgeon as soon as possible.

Dr. ES


It is difficult to determine what is happening with your incision from your photo.  I highly recommend you see your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible.  He is the best one to guide you to recovery!


It is difficult to interpret your photos.  If you have concerns about your incision and how its healing, you should see your PS for an evaluation.

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