Is It Normal to Feel the Breast Implant Moving 2 Years Post Op?

Over the last few weeks I've started to feel my right implant moving when I perform certain activities. Also, the implant feels much softer. My right implant always felt harder then my left, but it seems to have softened up. I am not experiencing any pain. Is this normal?

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Is It Normal to Feel the Breast Implant Moving 2 Years Post Op?

For varying reasons, implants may feel as if they are hardening or softening. In reality the implants rarely change but it is the scar tissue surrounding the implants. However, ruptures of implant can be associated with this sensation as well and I would seek evaluation by a surgeon. 

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Soft breasts

Soft breasts are good. I would not complain about that, it is the hard ones that you usually have to worry about.

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