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Will a Perineoplasty Make my Vagina Look Better? (photo)

I had a botched labiaplasty, my labia were completely removed. This is me now 11 months after a reconstruction surgery. My issue is the bottom part which skin protrudes a little and was wondering if a perneoplasty would make a difference for me?

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Perineoplasty after botched labiaplasty

I looked at your photos.  You appear to have a good result from your reconstruction.  If you desire, a small reduction of your bottom labia can be performed


Dr. Gary Alter

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Reconstructed labia following 'botched' labiaplasty

Your story is heartbreaking and I hope your original surgeon learned a life lesson here and is no longer doing this procedure.  Your current condition is beyond anything I could have imagined after reading about your story and seeing your initial result and where you are today.  The male posters are very accurate in their analysis and at this point, you should simply enjoy what you have, be grateful it isn't worse, and enjoy your life ahead of you.  I thought the bantering about who was best was somewhat entertaining but you CA doctor did a great job with your reconstruction.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Perineoplasty after botched labiaplasty


I am sorry to hear your story and agree with my colleague that your reconstructive procedure seems to have gone well.That being said you probably could have some of the posterior tissue at the base of the vagina removed to improve the appearance (this can be done under local anesthesia without much trouble). A perineoplasty/vaginoplasty will tighten the vaginal introitus (opening). Depending on your situation you may or may not want to have this done. I typically perform an introitusplasty/vaginoplasty on patients who have had multiple vaginal childbirths (with or without epesiotomy). This serves to tighten the vaginal opening specifically for the goal of increasing sexual satisfaction. I hope this helps.


All my best,

Daniel A. Medalie, MD

Would A Perneoplasty Make Your Vagina Look Better?

Dear Jessica, I am so sorry that you had a botched labiaplasty followed by what appears to be a very good reconstruction.  No one can blame you, after the unfortunate surgical misadventure you were forced to suffer through, for wanting perfection.  Here is one of those uncomfortable situations where perfect is definitely the enemy of good. 

The protruding skin at the caudal aspect of your vaginal introitus (vaginal opening) may be necessary to keep vaginal fluids from leaking out of your vagina.  The reconstructed lips (labia minora) appear somewhat separated, and if you removed the redundant tissue at the caudal end of your vagina, you may lose the necessary internal fluids and end up with chronic irritation from a dried out vaginal vault. 

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