I hate the cleft scar on my lip, making the scar more noticeable. Do you think a lip lift would be appropriate? (photos)

I hate the cleft scar on my lip, that I lack a defined philtrum and cupids bow, and also feel the distance from my nose to my lip is long, making the scar all the more noticeable. do you think a lift lip would be appropriate? be honest about recovery time also. also, is there any risk of nerve damage in this procedure that would affect the movement of my lip?

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The problem you raise is a subtle but significant problem. Lifting the lip as part of a cleft lip revision is tricky to do well. I've done quite a lot of them.  It would be best to have you evaluated in person in order to get the 3 dimensional shape of your lip. The recovery depends on the location of incisions made to do the lip revision. In general a scar takes about 8 months to fully mature, but women can use makeup to hide the scar after a few weeks. I would advise you to find a plastic surgeon with experience in cleft surgery. Good luck!

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