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Brown and light patches after vi peel?

I am a meduim brown skinned african America. I have good even skin tone to begin with. I just wanted that dewy look that you are supposed to get from a vi peel. I had a vi peel 2 weeks ago. I now have some dark blotches and some lighter blotches. My skin is also very dry and crinkly. So far I see no improvements at all only problems. Pls help I m very depressed because I had good skin to begin with. If I was told there was a possibility this could happen I would not have done this at all

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VI peels


Dark skin is more sensitive to chemical peels. You need to see an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist to treat your pigmentation problems post peel. It is a long term treatment

Samir Shureih MD. FACS

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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