Will my breasts round out more? (Photo)

I had 600cc Round Moderate plus Implants Under muscle on the 23rd of April. I was wanting a more round look so my surgeon said that moderate plus would do that and create some cleavage. However, I know its only 6days post op but they definitely aren't round.. I'm wondering if I have made a mistake. . They looks strange to me. And triangular. . Unfortunately I don't have a before photo handy.

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Wait 3-4 months before assessing results

Please wait about 3-4 months for your breasts to settle before assessing your results, as they may adopt a more natural contour as you recover.

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Will my breasts round out more? (Photo)

Being a little over 6 weeks post-op, it's too soon to worry about your results.  Try to be patient and follow your surgeon's post-op instructions and re-evaluate in the next month or two.  Everyone is different so it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your implants to settle.  Keep in mind that if they are larger implants, which yours are, it can take a little longer.  Over the next couple of months, you breast shape should change by rounding out and filling out in the lower pole of your breast and you should have a nice result.  ac

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Unhappy with breast augmentation

Thank you for your inquiry about your breast augmentation healing.

This is way too early to worry. You are swollen. The implants have not settled.And you have large implants - this will take time to show you your final shape.

Please be patient - you will see improvement by 6 weeks, more improvement by 12 weeks but make no decisions until 6 months. Chances are you will be pleased and find your result all that you wanted. Best wishes.

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Will 600 cc breast implants round out more

You are very early in your recovery and your appearance is quite normal for your stage of recovery after breast augmentation.

Typically it takes at least 3 months for the final shape and appearance to be visible after sub-muscular breast augmentation.  Please be patient and follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

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Your results can't be judged this early post-op.  Going under the muscle makes the results look like this for several weeks.  Your breast appearance will change for at least 6 months still.  These results are quite common at this point and should improve significantly with time.  Patience is your best friend.  Discuss your concerns with your PS.

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