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Still Have Pain & Pressure Around Eyes After Restylane - 4 MONTHS LATER! Will Pain EVER Go Away?

LY, I had Restylane in upper eyelids with no bad reaction. I went to a different PS this year for more in upper & lower eyelids. He overfilled & missed the tear trough on left side. I was so swollen with a large bulge by my nose & in excruciating pain I contemplated going to ER several times. I had most dissolved but I'm not 100%. I still have throbbing pain & pressure it's terrifying, at times shooting pains. So odd, I was fine LY with Restylane? Do I keep dissolving it? Will I EVER get better?

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Eye pain after Restylane

See a Board Certified Ophthalmologist at once.

Restylane or any filler can be injected into the eye tissues themselves or into the lacrimal duct. Continuing pain requires eye examination.. 

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