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how long should I wait before having a Facial or lightly Ablative Laser after my facelift?

2.5 months postop. my skin was dry after the facelift. can i have a facial with a few extractions? my skin was super dry now it is starting to break out (i gave a tendency). can i also have a mildly ablative laser such as clear and brilliant? thanks.

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How long should I wait before having a Facial or lightly Ablative Laser after my facelift?

It depends on the type of facial you are having after the facelift procedure.  Facials in general should involve a cleansing, extraction, exfoliation phase.  Typically a very mild facial that involves a cleansing phase only can be performed 1-2 weeks after the facelift.  Extraction and exfoliation portions should be cleared with your surgeon, and can range for anywhere from one to four weeks after the facelift.  

A lightly ablative laser can be performed at the time of the facelift.  If the facelift was completed without a laser then I would recommend waiting 2-4 weeks (for the swelling to resolve), but much depends on the techniques used during the facelift, your healing progress and what "lightly" means.

I hope this helps.

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Facial following facelft

At 2.5 months following your face lift it should be safe to have a facial.  However, I would suggest waiting until you are 6 months post face lift before considering an ablative laser procedure.  Check with your surgeon, who performed the face lift, before proceeding with any treatments.  Best wishes Dr Lepore.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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