New Breast Implant with Moving Lump

On aug 24 2010 I had silicone round smooth moderate profile 450cc implant surgery. I am 5'9" at 140.Its 6 weeeks later and I found a small moving lump on my right breast. It sits just to the lower right of my nipple. It does move around easily and it's not near any crease or incision. They were placed inframammatory, my right one is taking much more time to relax and drop, I still have tenderness as well. The lump showed up fast, Cancer? Thank you for all the doctors who help patients on here.

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See your surgeon or doctor'

Please see your GP or surgeon about the lump. It should be evaluated to ensure it's not dangerous. Best of luck.

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Breast lump


  There is only one answer to your question.  No lump in a man or womans breast should be considered benign until it is completely worked up.  Your inframmary incision (crease) will not produce this lump. 

  You must get this process in progress. 

           Steven M. Lynch, M.D.

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Lump in breast

Any lump of the breast should be evaluated in person.  Although the likelihood is that it is related to surgery, it may not be and your surgeon should examine you and proceed accordingly.

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Breast lump after breast augmentation with implants.

IT is most likely that this represents a small area of fat necrosis or muscle necrosis in this location. I t could also be a fold or crease in the implant. However, this cannot be determined with absolute certainty and therefore it is IMPORTANT that you discuss this with your surgeon. Most likely, they will be able yo provide you with reassurance and observation or may order testing to confirm or establish a diagnosis. Ultimately, in rare instances, a biopsy may be required.

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Lump after Breast Augmentation

You are probably feeling part of the implant, an edge, or perhaps a small bulge or fold of the implant. Implants are mobile and it is normal to feel them. Most doctors perform preop and intraop breast exams, sometimes with preop mammograms, so any "cancer" would be a remote and unlikely possibility. An exam by your plastic surgeon will clarify your diagnosis. Don't worry about the asymmetric "dropping". It takes several months for gravity to settle your implants and asymmetrical responses to gravity are very common. Massage, or a light bandeau over the higher one may help. 

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