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Should I be having nerve pain, tingling, and numbness 3 months after first miradry procedure?

I had my first Miradry procedure done 14 weeks ago and my left arm still has numbness on the inside from the top of the armpit to almost the elbow. It sometimes feels like needles sticking me. There also still seems to be a knot at the top if my armpit where the numbness starts. I feel like there may be nerve damage. Is this normal and if it is how long should it last? I was scheduled for my second procedure in two days but cancelled because this is not better.

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Nerve related injury with miraDry - neurpraxia

MiraDry can cause nerve related injury. I have never seen one that is permanent, but mostly ones that are resolving. Typically the nerve sensation starts to resolve from the area closer to your armpit towards the hand.  Because miraDry is not something invasive, there is no direct trauma to the nerve fibers.   This does not mean that the nerve fibers themselves can be injured or scarred causing neurpraxia (temporary injury that may take months to resolve).  I would definitely seek the counsel of a peripheral nerve injury specialist such as a hand physician or plastic surgeon.  They can help determine whether the injury is permanent in nature or in transition to heal. 

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MiraDry related numbness

It is rare to have this complication but it has been reported at least twice (as far as I know) to the miraDry corporation - they have stated that it resolves eventually. 14 weeks seems a long time and since it has not resolved I would recommend that you see a neurologic for thorough examination and documentation. I agree with the decision to cancel 2nd round. Read the miraDry book with the link below.

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