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Chin Liposuction, Neck Lift, or Both for 33 Year Old Male?

At 33 and I have recently noticed some bad changes in the my neck. My jaw is not as defined and angular as it use to be and I no longer have the really nice sharp and strong contour I had in my chin when I was in my early 20's. I am not sure if I should get neck and chin liposuction or a neck lift or both to fix the problems with my chin and jaw?

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Neck lift or liposuction will not help the look of this neck.

Based on the pictures that were presented, there is no excess fat in the jawline. There are also no muscle issues of anterior platysmal bands. Neck lift or liposuction will not help the look of this neck.

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I think it's important to understand when and when not to consider surgery. You have a nice jaw line that is very appropriate for a 33 year old. You will never have the same jaw as you did in your early 20's. The key is to look as good as you can at your current age. I don't see any indication in your photo for either liposuction or a neck lift.

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Liposuction will give you a very minimal benefit


Given what I see in your photo, my advice would be to hold off on any surgical procedure for now unless you are only interested in a very minimal improvement. If a small improvement is what you are looking for (a little bit of fat removed, a little skin tightening and perhaps a small improvement to the profile of your neck) then liposuction will work fine. Otherwise, wait for now.

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Neckline changes


Liposuction removes excess fat. 

Necklifts performed through an under the chin incision tighten the muscle (platysma)

Chin implants improve projection of the chin and help with the cervicomental angle (neck angle).

An experienced surgeon can guide you after an examination which of these will benefit you most.

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There is not enough to warrant surgery yet



I see very little that surgery will correct in your image. You look pretty good. Not all aging changes are amenable to an operative correction. I frequently tell my patients you that you need to have enough wrong for surgery to be an answer.

I would follow by saying that any doctor to whom you went who said you were a good candidate for surgery is likely thinking more about his financial gain than your well being.

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Too young for surgery


I answered your other question.   In a few years, you will benefit by a small chin implant and a neck lift.  Liposuction will not help you.  Don't do any thing now, except possibly the chin implant.  Your view of your self does not seem accurate.  You look very young.

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The best candidates for liposuction have good skin elasticity


With your apparently good skin quality and moderate amount of fat, liposuction would be your first choice.

The best candidates for liposuction have good skin elasticity allowing it to "shrink wrap" after the excess fat has been removed. Your photo appears to show that quality.

A neck lift would be required for lax skin.

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Maybe liposuction and maybe just weight loss


Your neck and jawline don't look too bad. Liposuction would make a small difference, but means surgery and risk. Get your body fat measured and get it down to less than 10%. See how your jaw looks then. If it's still puffy, get the lipo.

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Improving you jawline and neck with laser liposuction


Hello Ben

you can certainly tighten and tone your neck and jaw line with nonsurgical methods including laser assisted liposuction such as SlimLipo.  There are a number of laser assisted liposuction technologies out there most of which combined traditional liposuction with laser therapy beneath the surface of the skin all of which tend to offer positive results. I find that SlimLipo is the most effective as it is the most current laser technology for this treatment. Perform this under local anesthesia with around one week or less of downtime and very few risks to the patient.

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Liposuction For Men?


Thank you for the question.


I would probably suggest that you have NEITHER  Bible suction or neck lifting surgery performed.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you good advice without direct examination.  Generally, a good candidate for liposuction of the neck and chin area will be a relatively young patient with isolated “excess” adipose tissue  with limited redundant/loose skin.  The quality of overlying skin elasticity is of utmost  importance. In my practice, the majority of patients I see who request the procedure are not good candidates.

You will find many doctors will offer their services to you;  I would suggest consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

I hope this helps.

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