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Is It Possible to Get a Natural Curve with Rhinoplasty Revision? (photo)

I want to do a revision because my nose looks ''done'' and ''fake'' after my primary. I want some natural curve and height on the bridge and a slight depression at my radix. Also I want to derotate my tip at the same procedure because I liked my tip a litte projected and droopy. Can this be done and wich types of grafts are best for this. I had septoplasty done before my primary rhinoplasty. I am a male. I want to achieve curve on my bridge like the example pictures. Thank you for your answers.

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Rhinoplasty Revision


I do agree that doing some augmenting along portions of the nose may nicely help improve appearances to look more natural.  "De-rotating your nose by itself does not necessarily increase projection.  There are a variety of techniques that can be used, some involving cartilage or other type of grafts, others involving different maneuvers.

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Rhinoplasty revision


Revision rhinoplasty is always more difficult than the primary, especially if a septoplasty had been performed and cartilage was removed.  Creating a slight depression at the radix is certainly possible by rasping the radix down further.  Derotation of the tip can also occur with various techniques to bring the tip down, if it is has been over rotated up.  Dorsal augmentation grafts can be performed along the bridge to give a convex curve on the bridge line if needed.

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Natural appearance after revision


The ability to acheive the results you are looking for completely depends on where you are starting and what was done during the primary rhinoplasty.  The bridge of the nose can often be raised with appropriate grafting.  I prefer using septal cartilage.  If a septoplasty has already been performed, ear cartilage can be used.  De-rotating the tip is a much more difficult thing to acheive.  Overall, it sounds like you may have a complex problem and would require a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.  

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