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I Want Sub-nasal Lip Lift to Show Teeth + Small Philtrum, How Should I Go About This?

Hi. I want to get a sub-nasal lip lift because my upper teeth don't show at all in general and barely show when I smile, however I have a relatively small philtrum. It's just about the acceptable size, but to reduce it any more would make it look ridiculous. Is there anything that can be done? I have considered veneers as well (even if I do the lip lift I might get them to slightly augment some of my teeth) but if I only go with veneers I may not get the mouth shape I want. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Upper Lip Lift


Upper lip lift should improve and increase your dental show and will not affect width of philtrum.  Without a photo, impossible to offer meaningful recommendation.  Examination in person by an experienced surgeon is the best way to get these questions answered properly and to better understand your choices.

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