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Nail Scratch Scar Treatment on 4-year-old's Face?

My son was scratched on the face at school 8 months ago. It left him with a long red slightly indented scar. I will do anything to improve its appearance. I live in France and there doesn't seem to be much information on it, but I'm happy to travel to the US if necessary. What kind of treatments (if any) can help? I am so upset about my beautiful, beautiful boy.

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Don't do anything


A scratch is usually not too deep in the dermis. For this reason, he is unlikely to develop a permanent scar. Kids' bodies are very active when it comes to wound healing, hence the redness. This usually subsides within a year and sometimes can be improved with over the counter scar screams such as mederma or scar guard.

I would not recommend anything more than these treatments at this point. If he does develop a permanent scar, I would wait until he was a teenager before I would recommend an intervention. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight for the next few months. Be patient, let his body do the work--he'll be fine!

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