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Na Perborate Paste in Non Vital Tooth for Bleaching, What Happens if Paste is Not Removed?

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Sodium Perborate should not be left inside a tooth for long periods of time.


Not only will it loose its whitening effect but prolonged use has been associated with root resorption. The root canal should have been sealed at the bone level to keep the Na perborate from getting in there, but if you leave it too long, I would be concerned that it may seep in. Also, the temporary filling will leak and come out exposing the inside of the tooth to fluids anb bacteria which can cause further issues.

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Na Perborate paste left in tooth


The paste will lose its power on its own. However, I'd be more concerned with the temporary filling that is probably in your tooth as well. That can leak and cause recurrent decay and other problems. See a dentist to remove the paste and replace the temporary filling.

New York Cosmetic Dentist

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