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My Vagina Doesn't Look Normal is There Loose Skin? (photo)

My lady area seems to look not normal as I'm scarred to have sex as I get uncomfortable on what they may say this may just be me? I would like to no if it is an normal looking vagina and If I have loose skin please be honest as I would like to know what is normal and if I'm just hiding away for no reason thank you for your help also my flaps look very not normal please take a look

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Does my vagina look normal?

Your external genitalia appear absolutely normal, based on the photos that you submitted. There is such a large variation in external female genitalia and you fall within the normal range.  Despite this, some women are bothered, either physically or just don't like the appearance and feel uncomfortable with redundant labia minora (inner lips). Looking at the photos,  a labiaplasty would decrease the size of your labia minora and may make you feel more comfortable if it still bothers you.

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The "normal" vagina.

As with most body parts, there is a great deal of anatomical variation when it comes to the female external genitalia.  With the proliferation of sexually explicit material, patients are now much more concerned about the appearance of their genitals.  This has led to an increase in the number of labiaplasty procedures in recent years. 

Based on your pictures it appears that your labia fall well within the "normal" range.  That does not mean, however, that you are not a good candidate for a labiaplasty procedure.  If you feel embarrassed or self conscious about your appearance, you should seek a consultation from a plastic surgeon who is experienced with labiaplasty procedures to express your concerns.   The surgery will not only give you more confidence, it can also improve symptoms of discomfort that you might be having.

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Normal labia anatomy

Labia come in many different shapes and forms.  Please visit your gynecologist or a plastic surgeon who does labiaplasties. Below is a fully healed labiaplasty in a patient who felt her labia minora were too long.

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My Vagina Doesn't Look Normal

First of all it is important to understand that there is a wide range of “normal” when it comes how the labia should appear.

Women come to my office all the time wanting to look “normal” and we have to discuss what they are trying to achieve with their surgery.

You are well within the range of normal. There is currently a trend where woman do not like the appearance of the additional tissue that hangs below he vagina. At times this extra skin can interfere with intercourse or cause pain with exercise but most commonly it is just and aesthetic preference for woman.

I hope this helps.

Laser labiaplasty can remove loose labial skin and improve the appearance of the labia.

Thank you very much for your question and photographs.  The loose protruding skin that you see on your labia is quite common and does cause irritation when you wear tight fitting clothes and many women are embarrassed about large or labia.

Labiaplasty is in excellent and very helpful procedure that can remove the loose skin and make the labia looked much smaller and more normal.

Because the labia are so delicate I use a laser to remove the excess tissue and this avoids using a scalpel and traumatizing this very delicate tissue.

Please go to my photographs on and you will be able to see 3 patient's before and after pictures of patients who had laser labioplasty.


What is normal?

Extra labia minora tissue is normal. However, extra tissue can cause difficulties in terms of hygiene and feeling comfortable with your body. A labiaplasty is easily performed in the clinic setting using local anesthesia. You will be bruised and swollen for a few days after the procedure. You can resume all activities (such as sexual intercourse) 6 weeks after the procedure.

Labia loose skin

Some loose skin of the labia area is within normal limits of the female genitalia. However, if you are uncomfortable about the appearance of your labia or you have discomfort due to excessive loose skin, labiaplasty may be helpful. We now offer both surgical and non-surgical labiaplasty. Make sure to visit a plastic surgeon or OB/GYN who is experience on both option. A recommendation should be given after a full evaluation. Remember, "if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

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What is normal??? Do I need a Labiaplasty

Thank you for posting your pictures. There is a vast range of what is considered normal when it comes to the appearance of female external genitalia. In general, the main issues that bother women are protrusions for the labia minora past the outer lips, elongation or enlargement of the hooding over the clitoris, and/or loss of volume of the labia majora (outer lips). Based on the pictures you have posted, you may have protrusion of the inner lips and lateral excess of the clitorial hooding. These findings could be improved with a labiaplasty. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, MD
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Most everyone's labia minora are "normal" just like Noses!

labia minora  size shape and symmetry are as variable as the number of different shaped noses!  And most all are normal and functional.  However with that said, women desire labiaplasty or reduction in their labia minora for many reasons.  Some just don't like the appearance. Others are bothered by chaffing and irritation with intercourse, wearing tight clothing, or with exercising or putting pressure on their groin with activities like spinning/bike riding.  Other women have a combination issue... and have both symptoms and a problem with their appearance. 

Importantly help is available to provide you with the reduced labia minora size and provide symmetry and a relief of symptoms.  Speak to a plastic surgeon who is an expert in labiaplasty for the best results!  We sure to see his before and after photos to be sure you like what you see before committing.

I wish you the best!  

Steven Yarinsky, MD
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Normal vaginal anatomy

Your vaginal region including the skin flaps (labia) appear normal.  If you are concerned with the degree of which they show, then a labiaplasty procedure can help you reduce the amount of labial show.  There is a wide variation in shape and size, and it is not uncommon for one to be larger than another.  If this continues to cause you a great deal of concern, I would recommend visiting a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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