My upper eyelid crease scar is tight around the top and outer corners causing small eyes, What can be done?

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Upper eyelid scar tightness after upper eyelid surgery

If you are noticing this problem within 1-2 months following eyelid surgery, I would continue to wait.  It is not uncommon to experience some tightness after an upper blepharoplasty.

If the scar is thickened and raised, you may have what we call a hypertrophic scar.  If this is the case, an injection of a steroid (kenalog) might be a simple solution.

I recommend a visit to your plastic surgeon who can help you determine the next "best" step.

A scar revision may be required if this is a problem you are experiencing more than 6 months following the eyelid surgery, especially if the symptoms are not improving.

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