Can I Use my Teeth Whitening Product More Often Than Instructed to Get the Results Quicker?

I am currently using the do-at-home whitening from my dentist. I am supposed to do it for 20 minutes a day for 14 days. Couldn't I just do it for 20 minutes each hour for 14 hours and get it done in one day?

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How to whiten quickly and safely

Hello, thanks for your question!  Following the manufacturer instructions will ensure that you're whitening safely, and taking best care of your teeth, gums, and tissues.  Your dentist may be able to recommend a whitening product with a higher concentration, that would require a lesser wear time to achieve desired results more quickly (and safely!)--best wishes to you!

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Can I use the whitening longer?

I would follow the instructions less chance in damaging your teeth and or gums good luck



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Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Tooth whitening

Your dentist may want to prescribe a stronger bleaching gel or modify the amount of time you wear the trays.  Keep in mind that there is a chance of developing tooth sensitivity.


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Using Teeth Whitening Product More Often

The most I would recommend using the product is twice daily, separated by approx 12 hours, for 20 min each.

Teeth whitening

if you do that you will eliminate all enamel from your teeth, as soon as you do that, you will begin to feel hipersensibility, pulp nerve inflamation, and if you continue with that you will burn out your teeth nerves, and you will need root canal therapy on all.


but if you are going to do that, take photos, and send it to me, so i can write a scientific article about that.

send me info about the product you are using, the % of peroxide, way of application, devices used, etc.




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