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Can my son get his scar corrected from a dog bite about 3 yrs ago? It's on his lip

My son was bitten in his face by a bull mastif when he was around 9 yrs old. It was right at his lip and when they stitched the lip back the pigmentation does not line up correctly. He is very self-conscious about this and I was wondering if this is something that can be fixed for him.

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Can my son get his scar corrected from a dog bite about 3 yrs ago? It's on his lip

So he is 12 now. I might wait until he is in mid teens to have a revision to allow full facial growth and beard appearance..

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Yes he can get help

Go with your son to see a dermatologist/dermatologic surgeon or plastic surgeon who specializes in scar revision. In this case it is hard to see from the picture whether or not he would need surgical treatment first and then laser, or if laser or dermabrasion would be enough alone with surgery. Seek someone used to fractionated resurfacing and is familiar with the pulsed dye laser (VBEAM). These have given excellent results for surgical scars and are considered to me as standard therapies which should be offered. Wish you the best, Dr. E.

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