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Has my Skin Been Scarred from Laser Vein Removal? (photo)

Hi, I recently had the purple veins under my eyes treated with a yag laser. It has been over 2 weeks and for the first week my eyes were puffy and red, now they are no longer puffy, but where he treated the veins- my skin is raised, redish/brown- with a whitish tinge in the centre. It is still SLIGHTLY tender to touch. Have I been scarred? What can I do to fix this? He said it would take up to 2 weeks max to heal. Have I ruined my skin ? :(

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To early to tell, but most like NO

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YAG laser, V-beam laser and limited sclerotherapy for facial veins are common practice techniques.  The laser therapy is based on light absorption---in other words the lighter skin absorbs less heat from the laser than the darker colored veins.  Puffy edema, bruises, an rupture of the small veins is very common making the area look purple and bruised.  You are very early in this journey.  I routinely tell my patients that absorption of the small veins can take up to 6 weeks for reduction.  We often alternate YAG laser with V-beam laser and occasional limited sclerotherapy to get rid of facial veins.  Time is the great healer.  Return to your provider, if hyperpigmentation of the skin is expected...therapies can be started to reduce pigment changes.  Doubt that you have ruined your skin.  

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