My Right Eye is Smaller Than My Left Eye Since Birth. What Are My Options?

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Options to improve appearance of eyes


A brow lift, eyelid lift, or both would help open up the smaller eye.   I recommend a face to face consultation with an accredited doctor to get the best treatment option for you.  It is very important to ensure that your doctor has the proper qualifications and is either a board certified facial plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon or plastic surgeon. 

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My Right Eye is Smaller Than My Left Eye Since Birth. What Are My Options?


There are surgical options to correct droopy eyelids.  Since yours is from birth, the exact type of surgery depends on your examination.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon.

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Smaller eye since birth


You likely have eyelid ptosis (droopy upper eyelid) giving appearance of a smaller eye, although bony facial asymmetry can give you that result as well. Ptosis can be improved surgically (ptosis surgery) and the technique varies depending on the amount of ptosis.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment options.

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Asymmetry of Eyes


Some asymmetry of the eyes is normal. If this is severe there are several procedures that can be done to improve this in some patients such as a brow lift or an eyelid lift. Pictures would be helpful. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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