My PS said that UHP implants are my only option as my bwd is10.5". Would 320cc or 360cc be best?

I'm 5'7", 118, 27" ribcage. I just went in to try on sizes again and this time the 360cc seemed to stick out a lot further from my body and looked like a shelf. I want a natural C cup. Not too small but not too "fake looking". What are my options for implant style/size?

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Selecting breast implant profile and size

I perform breast augmentation using dimensional planning, which means that the implant dimensions have to be matched to your chest wall dimensions.  Based upon your base width diameter of 10.5 cm and the options of 320cc or 360cc, your surgeon is planning on using Natrelle "extra high" profile implants (style 45), which have widths similar to your chest wall.  Natrelle "high" profile implants (style 20) with approximately the same widths would be in the 260cc to 280cc range. 
The greater the profile (projection) of the implant, the less natural it will appear, with moderate profile implants (style 10) being the most natural in appearance, and extra high profile implants (style 45) being the least natural ("most fake") in appearance.  Your final appearance will depend upon not only the selected implant size and profile, but also your skin quality, original breast volume and shape, and implant placement within the breast (subglandular, subpectoral, "dual plane").
For many women, "high" profile implants provide extra volume (compared with "moderate plus") and some upper pole "roundness" (like a push-up bra appearance), without being "too fake".  The implant size, however, will be smaller than an "extra high" profile implant with the same base width. 
You may need to decide which is more important to you - final breast size or final breast shape.  I would recommend that you discuss this in detail with your surgeon, prior to undergoing the procedure.
Good luck.

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Implant size and shape decision

  • You are tall, slim and narrow chested,
  • Depending on your goal, you may need to compromise between the size you want and the look you want,
  • A larger high profile implant will project more and have a larger cup than a smaller high profile,
  • A moderate profile will project less and be smaller, but then to look more natural,
  • I suggest you return to your plastic surgeon to try on sizes and shapes again and discuss your options.
  • There may be no perfect decision - you want to be happy that you made the right one for your frame. Best wishes.

Implant choices

Thanks for the question. Hard to answer without being able to examine you. A shaped implant like the allergen 410 may be another option for you

David M. Kahn, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon
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Moderate profile plus breast implants will look more natural than ultra high profile

I agree with your concerns about looking too projected with alt for high profile breast implants.  The ultra high profile plus simply create too much projection especially for very thin petite woman.  Based on your description and your desired cup size breast implants in the 325-350 cc range and a moderate profile plus should work fine for you.

UHP is very round

Thanks for your question. If you don't want fake, then you don't want the UHP. It is extremely round. If your base width is truly 10.5cm then you do have some limitations. I might suggest getting a 2nd opinion just to make sure. If you get an implant that has a projection any more than a Moderate Plus profile in Mentor or Moderate profile in Sientra it will likely look pretty fake. Try to see some pictures of patients that specifically have that implant and your body style. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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