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My Nose Tip (Cartilagey Bit) Moves Around and Clicks Back into Place. Do I need a Septoplasty?

My Nose Tip (Cartilagey Bit) Moves Around and Clicks Back into Place. It's only started to happen recently (I'm 28) and has coincided with an increase in difficulty breathing through my nose, nose pain (bridge and "behind the nose", and a decrease in upper lip protrusion (not sure if related). I had been told a year ago that my septum is mildly deviated. What could be going on? Do I need a septoplasty?

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Septoplasty for breathing issues

  The only way to know if  the nasal septum is truly deviated is by consultation  and examination. Some patients have moderate deviation of the nasal septum and have no symptoms, so it depends on how much nasal obstruction patient's have as to whether or not they undergo a septoplasty procedure.

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