Is my nose permanently deformed or just still swollen?

About two weeks ago a took a nasty spill and landed straight on my nose. The next few days I was very swollen and tender, but not in too much pain. The pain went away within a few days, but my nose still looks be deformed. When I look at my face straight on and from direct side views it looks normal, but when I turn my head 3/4 of the way there are noticeable bumps now. I can "tug" at the sides of my nose and the bumps go away. Will these bumps be permanent or is this just residual swelling?

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Bumps due to nose trauma

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Without the photos, it will be difficult to tell the nature of the bump. Should this persist for more than 6-weeks however, consult your specialist.

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Nasal trauma

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Trauma to the nose can create a nasal fracture, a deviated septum, and fracture the upper lateral cartilage off the nasal bone creating valve collapse. After a traumatic injury to the nose, it's important to seek out an ENT/ facial plastic surgeon who can examine the internal and external portion of the nose and obtain x-rays to document a nasal fracture. 

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