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I've Had my Nose Broken for About a Month and Sometimes It Bleeds a Good Amount, and I Want to Know if This is Normal?

About a month ago someone smashed a glass cup on my face and broke my nose, and sometimes it starts bleeding a good amount and I want to know if this is normal?

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Not normal for nasal bleeding a month post trauma

I would suggest you see and expert in the field of rhinoplasty as soon as possible. I see that you live in Denver and often times in a high altitude and with cold dry weather you may see an increase in the bleeding episodes with winter fully on it's way. Best regards!

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Not normal so long after the incident


It is not normal to have these reoccurring nose bleeds.  Consult with a facial plastic surgeon or Rhinoplasty Specialist, or at least your primary doctor.  The sooner you have this checked out probably better your chances are for a relatively easy treatment or solution.  Best of luck!

- Dr. Salzhauer, Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

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Nose bleeds after nasal fracture


Dear Mcanales

  • Sorry to hear about your broken nose.  I would recommend a consult with a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon to evaluate why you are still having nosebleeds.  
  • In the meantime, start Saline nasal sprays to keep the nose moist.

The nasal fractures might have caused cuts on your septum which may bleed intermittently.  

  • A future rhinoplasty may need to address the septum and the sources of your bleeding. 

Best Wishes


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