16 days post op Breast Augmentation, Is my left breast bottoming out? (photo)

Hi there - I'm 16 days post breast augmentation - pre op I was a 32B and have had 300cc moderate profile saline implants on both sides however I'm afraid the left side (my dominant side) is bottoming out. I can feel the implant below the incision and when I flex my left pec muscle I can see my natural breast move up and the implant drops below. Anything I can do to stop this?? Or does this look normal ?? My left breast naturally was slightly smaller as you can see in photo.

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Is my left breast bottoming out? (photo)

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Thank you for your question . 
Can you put any updated pictures? but i suggest to see your surgeon about your concern. Good Luck 

Is my left breast bottoming out?

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You seem to have a double bubble effect. I recommend trying fat grafts with rigotomies to release the indentation. Best to seek IN PERSON opinions..

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