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My Labia Minora Tore Below my Clitoral Area and Its Lightly Bleeding Compared to Two Days Ago?

during intercourse he was a little rough and when he pulled out it tore my labia minora and it bled extremely badly that night. a day later it seems to be lightly bleeding but cause extreme oain when.I urinate or even move. will it reconnect itself and heal? what shoukd I do? I dont want a torn dangly labia. it wasnt like this before until the rough sex that made it happen.but my labia minora torn a little below my clit where it should be attached. what do I do help me someone?!?!?!

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Torn labia after sexual intecourse

You are not alone, the labia does tear from sexual intercourse.  The good news is, the labia tissue has an incredible ability to heal.  I recomend visiting a board certified plastic surgeon specialist in labiaplasty to see if the tear is large enough to warrant surgical repair.  This may very well just involve numbing up the tissue with local anesthesia and placing a couple dissolvable stitches to help it heal better.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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Torn Labia Minora: Will it Heal?

If the labia tear during sex, the injury might heal well or it might require a surgical repair. I would recommend letting it heal for now. It would be a good idea to avoid sex for a few weeks to avoid further separation and keep it clean with gentle irrigation from time to time. I've repaired many of these and the procedure is rather straightforward.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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My Labia Minora Tore Below my Clitoral Area and Its Lightly Bleeding Compared to Two Days Ago?

        The area may be improved by reattaching the two ends, but there may be some consideration to changing the shape so that this is less likely to occur in the future. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Torn labia

They will heal on their own if the tears are small.  If the tear is through and through like an earlobe torn when the earring is pulled through, you should see a surgeon who can repair this for you.  This isn't an emergency as the tear will heal and the procedure to repair this doesn't change whether your tear is days old or healed up.   And try to avoid situations that resulted in this in the future.  Best wishes!

Curtis Wong, MD
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Labiaplasty or repair of torn labia minora

The labia minora is composed of thin tissue.  If torn, I would recommend early intervention to correct the traumatic tear. 

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Labial Tear


The answer to your question really depends on the size of the tear in your labia. Not doing an exam it is really difficult to best direct you. However, going with what I have it does sound like you may need to have your labia repaired. A slight tear in your labia may cause you some discomfort with urination and movement. Such a small tear will probably heal well without problems and I would recommend a Sitz bath to help the healing- may hurt in the beginning. Keep everything as clean and dry as possible.

However, if you had a significant tear in the labia and there is a gap in the labia then I do recommend that you see your GYN or your plastic surgeon so they can asses whether you need a repair. You may need to have the tear heal first so that a revision can be done at a later date. Either way, keep the area as clean and dry and trauma free as possible.


Best of luck.  

Arturo H. Armenta, MD
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