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Why Isn't my Incision Healing? 4 Weeks Post TT/Muscle Repair. (photo)

I'm 4 wks po a TT with muscle repair. At 15 days po, after taking the paper take off to shower, it smelt horrible and was yellow discharge. Went to my ps and he said to put non stick gauze for a wk and clean with hy-peroxide and polysporn. did that for a wk and it looked nice, started taping on monday and by wednesday evening...same thing. took off the tape horrible smell and fluid poured out. It is red/raw about 3 "long in the middle of tummy. Isthis norm for 4 wk po? to be weeping still

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Why Isn't my Incision Healing? 4 Weeks Post TT/Muscle Repair.

Have you seen your surgeon? This is a very common occurrence as the previous expert osters stated. Local wound care is needed. 

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Not healing after surgery! (photo)

You are experiencing the result of a fantastic innovation of organic chemistry, the development of "absorbable" sutures.  Although for the most part they do indeed resorb, your body sometimes extrudes all or part of these sutures for weeks after the procedure, in small abscesses that develop as your white blood cells mobilize in the area of the stitches to digest them.

Surgeons prefer absorbable sutures for "plastic" closures, because they allow us to place all stitches inside the wound, avoiding the possibility of external suture related "railroad track" scars along the course of the wound closure.

Alternatively, if you have a wound dehiscence, drainage will persist as fluid collects in a cavity deep to the skin closure, and intermittently pours out with changes in your position.  Wound dehiscence mandates drainage, or another approach, depending on the situation.  Your surgeon is the one to make this diagnosis, and follow through until the problem is resolved, and healing complete.

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Post op odor

You may have an infected seroma. I always fear that when I hear about any post-operative malodorous drainage. That being said, definitely return to your plastic surgeon to have things checked out.

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Superficial Separation along Tummy Tuck Incision?

Thank you for the question and picture.

What you are experiencing is quite common at this stage in your recovery. The very superficial separation tends to occur exactly where it is occurring in your case. These superficial separations tend to be self limiting and resolve within weeks. However, continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to rule out more serious complications and/or advise treatment.

Best wishes.

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Wound healing problems after an abdominoplasty

Healing problems are most likely due to exposed suture knots.  Once the knot becomes exposed it acts as a foreign body.  It will continue to give you  problems until it is removed.  This problem should be brought to the attention of your plastic surgeon.  

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