Could my Breast Implants Be Broken or Moved During Sex?

Hello, While having sex with my husband he leaned on my breast by his shoulder and it caused unpleasent feeling for me, he changed the position immediately, but weak feeling of discomfort remained in my breast. It was 4 days ago, and in some positions i can feel a kind of pain, but it is not strong. Also nipple on "injured" breast is more sensitive than the other and i feel like it is harder than the other breast. I have my mentor implants for 6 months. Could we rupture or move it by this? thnx

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Breast Implant Rupture From Sex ??

Given that breast implants are developed to resist the forces imposed on them during mammograms, it is unlikely they would be ruptured by sexual activity. Most likely you have sustained a bruise to the implant capsule/breast tissue. If this fails to completely go away in four to six weeks, then I would have your plastic surgeon see you for an evaluation. Ultimately only an MRI or high definition ultrasound can really answer that concern.

Sex and implants

It is highly unlikely that you injured your implants, but if concerned, it is worth checking out and having your doctor examine you.

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Breast Implant Damage during Sexual Activity?

Thank you for the question.

It is very unlikely that any serious damage has been caused by forces generated during sexual activity. However, given that you have noticed changes in the breast exam, it will be best for you to be seen/examined by your plastic surgeon. You should have peace of mind however that it would be very unlikely for an implant to rupture during sexual activity.

Best wishes.

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