Will my Hyperpigmentation Go Away Soon? How Long? (photo)

The dark spot is due to acne that I picked and the skin healed and now its dark. I picked it twice, but that was 5 months ago. The lighter healing skin is from recent acne tht I popped but didn't pick, I know it'll get darker. Will these dark spots be permanent or will they eventually fade? I've been using meladerm for past 5 weeks and seen little mprovement but nothing drastic.Will the continuation of meladerm relieve me of the dark spot by about October (2months)?

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For you situation it looks like you would benefit from a VIPEEL. That treatment removes the first layer of your skin helping with your pigmentation. That procedure is none Invasive, if you’re looking for something a little more you can do laser treatments. You should do your homework on your options. You should see a PS to give your options, Goof luck.


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