What Could Realistically and Honestly Be Done to Fix my Nose? I Don't Want to End Up Looking Worse. (photo)

I know what I want for my surgery and I want my nose narrowed and raised for a more symmetrical look-- but not to the point where it doesn't look natural or I look like Michael Jackson. My problem with my nose is that instead of coming out from my face, it lies flat and makes my side profile look unnatural. I usually take pics at an angle. An example of someone who had an awesome nose job is Kelly Rowland. I just don't think I can achieve similar results because my nose isn't large enough.

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African American Rhinoplasty



The best way to see what your nose can look like is to do a computer imaging of your nose. Make sure you choose a surgeon with alot of experience with ethnic noses, revisions are very difficult. Feel free to send pics to link below.



Web reference: http://www.africanamericanrhinoplasty.com

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Candidate


From your picture, it appears that you are a great candidate for an ethnic rhinoplasty, though the approach should be conservative and harmonize the bridge, tip and nostrils with the rest of the face (forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin). It's important to avoid trying to westernize the nose rather to reduce outstanding features.

Web reference: http://www.facialplastics.info/ethnic-rhinoplasty.html

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African American Rhinoplasty


Your concerns sound reasonable and a Rhinoplasty procedure in someone with your features should be able to refine the nasal appearance. It is not possible to guarantee results but if your expectations are reasonable and the surgeon explains what can and cannot be done you will probably be satisfied with the result. Make sure to see a surgeon with some experience in more complex Rhinoplasties since you will need cartilage grafting and some other techniques that aren't typically performed in a 'standard' Rhinoplasty. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell


Web reference: http://www.westonsurgery.com

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Ethnic rhinoplasty


 Ethnic rhinoplasty is little  bit more difficult than a Caucasian rhinoplasty due to the anatomy variations  of the nose and thick skin.  Reducing a hump,narrowing the bridge and giving more projection to the tip are all achievable goals. Virtual rhinoplasty is available on our website

Web reference: http://seattlefacial.com

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Realistic Rhinoplasty


We feel the best way to see what your nose will do is computer simulations on your photos to try changes and shaping to see what fits and what your tissue might do. This should reduce guessing and the potential for disappointment.

Web reference: http://www.peterejohnsonmd.com/rhinoplasty

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African American rhinoplasty.


You should se a very experienced AA rhinoplasty surgeon because you can achieve a much prettier nose by narrowing the bridge and tip, etc. See a surgeon that does natural noses.

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