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Will my gap close easily & how long would it take to close with braces, I also have a pretty bad open bite? (photo)

I have a piece of skin in the middle & because of my open bite I have a lisp.. I just wanna know how long it will take for the gap to close along with the open bite to look better

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Closing gaps in fun!


Your space, called a diastema, can be closed quite easily in a matter of a few months. After closing the gap it will important to have the frenum (that piece of skin) removed and the underlying muscle moved up by a periodontist. If it is not done, the gap can come back quite quickly. As a added precaution, we typically bond a wire to the back side of the front teeth.

The open bite and other bite issues may be a more time consuming. A thorough evaluation by an orthodontist will be helpful in determining the best treatment plan and give you an idea of timing.

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